Annual Meetings

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ASTA Farm and Lawn Seed Conference ASTA CSS and Seed Expo logo
Networking and learning about innovations in the grass seed business are what drive attendees to ASTA’s annual fall conference in Kansas City, held in conjunction with the Western Seed Association’s annual meeting. First held in the mid-1900’s, ASTA’s annual CSS and Soybean Seed Research Conference draws seed breeders, growers and distributors and seed equipment manufacturers to Chicago each December for a major sales and information exchange.
ASTA Vegetable and Flower Seed Conference logo ASTA Annual Convention logo
For over 50 years, produce and floral seed industry professionals have been meeting each January – in various Southern and Western resort locations – to open dialogues and to close deals. Education, debate and advocacy are on the agenda each June at ASTA’s annual convention. Attendees focus on science and policy issues related to the development and free movement of quality seed worldwide. This is also when new association officers are installed.