THE FUTURE SEED EXECUTIVES (FuSE) INITIATIVE is an official Sub-Committee of the American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) Management Skills Committee. Since its formal inception in 2004, the FuSE Initiative has focused on educating and supporting future seed industry executives, namely those with fewer than seven years of seed industry experience. Programs are designed as regional opportunities to expand learning, cultivate management skills, promote networking, and improve general understanding of the seed industry.

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What We Do

In order to offer the most valuable programming to our membership, FuSE is comprised of three unique committees which focus on specific areas of professional development, organizational growth and industry education. These committees make up the overarching FuSE Organizing Committee which assists in the planning and execution of annual programming and activities. FuSE members may choose to become involved in any one of the follow committees:

The Communications Committee focuses on strategically providing consistent and clear messages to the multiple audiences connected to the FuSE Initiative. Whether it is through the use of print material for distribution on college campuses, online communication through social media or through presentations given to our industry supporters, the Communications Committee will actively support each component of the FuSE Initiative.

The Connections Committee identifies and organizes opportunities for FuSE members to network with one another, connect with college students interested in the seed industry and get to know our many industry supporters. Events include Campus Connections, a program that brings college undergraduates to the annual ASTA convention, and many other unique FuSE activities at the annual ASTA meetings and conferences. If you have an idea for a new Connections event or program, contact fuse@amseed.org.

The Education Committee works to expand learning opportunities, promote industry networking and improve the membership’s general understanding of the seed industry. There are three key areas of focus within our mission:

  • Educational Units – 1 to 2-day workshops cohosted by the FuSE Initiative and an ASTA member company with the purpose of educating participants about the business and operations of the industry host. Each unit has an overarching theme relevant to the respective host company. Local agribusinesses and educators are actively engaged during the unit to provide a broader view of the value chain during the experience.
  • Industry Meeting Programs – Mini Educational Units which are held in conjunction with other industry meetings to engage the FuSE members already participating in the industry function.
  • Roundtable Discussion Groups (RTDGs) – One-hour conference calls or webinars led by senior industry members that educate participants about industry topics such as current trends, recent and major events, or topics relevant to an up-coming Educational Unit.

New Developments
The New Developments Committee is made up of the current FuSE Initiative leadership, in addition to other members, with the goal of identifying and proposing new projects and/or programming for the FuSE Organizing Committee to consider for implementation. Networking with industry sponsors at ASTA meetings and other seed industry events to seek out complimentary programming that maintains the goals of the Fuse Initiative is the committee’s top priority.
All FuSE Initiative programs and events have been well attended by representatives from a wide range of ASTA member companies within each division of the seed industry. Our current sponsors include:

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What We Achieve

As a subcommittee of the ASTA Management Skills Committee, the FuSE Initiative is charged with developing the next generation of seed industry leaders. In order to meet the challenges and demands of an increasingly dynamic global seed industry, the FuSE Initiative organizing committee strives each year to coordinate 4 Round Table Discussion Groups, 2 to 4 Educational Units, and impactful professional development programming at ASTA’s conventions and conferences. These opportunities are made available to FuSE Initiative membership throughout the year.

The goal each year is to provide educational and training resources; networking opportunities and mentors; and a true sense of belonging to anyone who has worked in the seed industry for seven years or less. In order to encourage professional and social networking within an organization of revolving members, the FuSE Initiative hosts various get-togethers, social events, and receptions during ASTA conventions and regional conferences throughout the year.

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How To Get Involved

Interested individuals can request information about upcoming events and involvement by emailing info@futureseedexecutives.com or visiting futureseedexecutives.com.

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Future Giants of the Seed Industry Award

The Future Giants of the Seed Industry program is sponsored by FuSE (Future Seed Executives), an initiative of The American Seed Trade Association, and Seed World magazine. The recipient will be chosen by the Seed World Advisory Board—a panel of seed industry experts.

The Future Giants of the Seed Industry award annually recognizes an individual who is in the graduation year of his/her post-secondary program who plans to enter the seed industry, OR is currently employed in the seed industry and is seen as a rising leader. In both cases, we seek an individual who shows the potential to make a significant contribution to the industry.

> Click here for more information and nomination forms for the Future Giant of the Seed Industry award